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Principals Desk

Dear students, teachers, past-pupils, parents, friends and well-wishers” 

                    “Education cannot be neutral. It is either positive or negative; either it enriches or it impoverishes; either it enables a person to grow or it lessens, even corrupts him. The mission of schools is to develop a sense of truth, of what is good and beautiful. And this occurs through a rich path made up of many ingredients. This is why there are so many subjects — because development is the results of different elements that act together and stimulate intelligence, knowledge, the emotions, the body, and so on”, says Pope Francis. Our school follows the educative system of Don Bosco based on reason, religion and loving kindness, where the pupil is the protagonist of his/her own formation. The Educating Community consisting of parents, teachers pupils and management, work together for the’ holistic’ development of the pupil in a family atmosphere. The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are designed for the all round development of the pupil’s spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural and physical growth. The personality of the pupil includes all that enables a girl or boy to become aware of his/her God given talents and to develop them to their full potential for the glory of God and the service of the society.
                                       Dear students you can make a difference in the school, society and world at large only when you find out the hidden treasure of talents within. This treasure has to be identified and developed through hard work and continuous effort. Never forget the words of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great”.


Principal Auxilium School

Sr  .Shiji  Abraham