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Our Principal

Dear students, teachers, past-pupils, parents, friends and well-wishers

With P.V Sindhu winning her cherished silver medal, ‘AUXILIUM’ is no longer a house-hold name but a name that has assumed dimensions beyond one’s imagination, for Sindhu is the past-pupil of Auxilium Mahendra Hills, Secunderabad, belonging to the Bangalore Province, the Province to which we belong.  As we bask in the glory of Sindhu, we also feel proud of our Auxilians of Palluruthy, who represented the Ernakulam District at the 4th All Kerala ‘Drop Roball Tournament’ and brought glory and honour to us by bringing us Gold Medals in Doubles in the Sub-Junior Girls and Junior Girls category and Silver in Triples in Sub-Junior Girls category.


As we look back to the tiny seed that was Auxilium Palluruthy 25 years ago, we wonder at the marvels the Lord has worked in its growth from a humble seed to a gigantic tree, standing tall and steadfast in its commitment to provide quality education to the young.  The need of the hour is that the young minds acquire new skills and techniques to keep pace with the changing times.  Though desire is the key to motivation, it is determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of goal that enable one to attain success.  It is also the imagination and dedication of the teachers coupled with the enthusiasm and efforts of the students that make the classroom the centre of learning and an educative place to think, discuss and learn for life.  This is what ‘Auxilium Palluruthy’ has been offering to its students all these years, through the well-qualified and dedicated staff and making its class-rooms ‘Smart Ones’ in keeping with the times. Promoting integral education and inculcating the right values has always been the motto of Auxilium and this has been proved true as we look at all our highly placed past-pupils.

The integral formation of the students can be achieved only through the close collaboration of the parents especially the “Educating Community Members” who are the representatives of the parents, teachers and students.  We are really grateful to our parents and in a very special way to the “Educating Community Members”, who encourage us on and stand by us at every event in the life of the school.  We still look forward to your continuous help and support as from ‘Silver’ we walk towards ‘Gold’.  May the presence of the Almighty God and Mary, Our Blessed Mother be with us always as we strive towards excellence.

Principal Auxilium School

Sr .Shiji Abraham